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The Longtrack-Forums are temporary offline for now due an server move which resulted in a screwed up database. There was more and more spam appearing anyway. The database was backed up, so no content is lost.

We have decided to release the Longtrack source module for everyones pleasure and as educational material.
Now you definatly want to take a look once again in the Download area!

IMPORTANT: Renoise 1.281 is required for flawless playback!

You know what?
The first Longtrack masterpiece entirely made with Renoise and a bunch of artists from all over the world has been finally realized!
I don´t want to spend to much words about it, except: Personally I want to thank every single participant for contributing his great work. Everyone deserves it very well and I am proud to see the first kind of project like this finished.
And now take a look in the category "Downloads", get this Longtrack in a neato 112kbps OGG-Format encoded and don´t forget to give us some feedback in the forums ;)
Stay tuned and get ready for Longtrack II. It´ll be organised soon!

Yours truly
-- ptrance (Sebastian Stey)


Part 17 is there! Check it out in the Preview Area.

On behalf of the whole Longtrack Crew, I am proud to announce that "Taktik", the Lead-developer of Renoise, has joined the party for a guestrelease in Longtrack I.

The whole crew is looking forward to his contribution.

Part 16 released. Get a pre-listening in the Preview Area!

Forums are now back online!

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