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You probably came here wondering what this [Longtrack] Project is about. Maybe you don't even know what Renoise is supposed to be. Rest assured, I won't go Jabbanoising here, you can find an explanation on

I can tell you about the [Longtrack] Project though.

It all began with a new user on the Renoise forums, when a speedcore musician from Belgium demanded the workspace of a Renoise file, called a module, to be expanded.

If you are familiar with audio sequencers, it's like asking to raise the maximum numbers of bars in a single song file, or if you know your way around a word processor, it's like saying the maximum number of pages in one document is too small. At this time the limit of the workspace within a Renoise module is 255 patterns, but the actual duration of one song depends on how you fill them. Compare it with word processors: if you write down only 10 words per page, then you'll need a whole lot of pages to complete your novel.

This musician claimed Renoise didn't let him reach his song beyond 2 and a half minutes (!). Go figure.

Our poor speedcore freak wasn't taken seriously though. Using 255 patterns and ending up a song duration of no more than 2:30 minutes, that can't be right, a confused It-Alien replied. As a matter of fact, a few calculations pointed out that something must have gone terribly wrong, since within the limit of 255 patterns it's theoretically possible to create a song of 60 days!

Then someone came up with a 'dumb idea' (sic): "P.T´s community 60 days Renoise-Song-Idea-Project".

Although it was quickly realized that a 60 days song length is at least as ridiculous as the 2:30 minutes, various trackers began to reply excitedly that they wanted to join the project to see how far they would come.

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