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Not much later after a team of about 14 trackers was formed, we discussed how we were to realize the project.

"Someone starts with a limited amount of samples, filling the patterns in such an efficient way that even after one hour there are still empty patterns left, and he is not allowed to add more than 5 minutes.
"The next participant is encouraged to continue that theme with preferrably maintaining a smooth flow between parts.
"Much of the samples must be reused because file size is an issue as well.
"All fx settings must be saved in the last pattern."

Discussing rules like those took over month, turning out much as a private discussion between P.T and me. At that time most people were beginning to lose their excitement over the whole thing.

Luckily for the project, It-Alien went ahead and started composing. After a few days he finished the first part of the [Longtrack] Project! And yes, that is the new official name.

After that, a mailing list was created so that we didn't have to bother the Renoise forum with our notifications and discussions anymore. There have been over 430 messages already!

Since then a lot has happened, but that is a story for another time.

Remember though, in the end we have to thank our hero, the belgian speedcore musician, for complaining. Without him, this project would never have been found!



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