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Name: Nick Geerts
Handle(s): Man-at-Arms; Breed; Bad Pill Generation
Date of Birth: 20th August 1979
Country: Netherlands
Computer: Pentium 4 - 2,8 GHz; 1 GB RAM; 120 GB S-ATA HD; M-Audio Delta 44
Music-Hardware: Access Virus; Roland JD-800; Roland MKS-50; Roland U-220; Yamaha TX81z; Lexicon MPX100
Artist Description
Mumble mumble first computer blah blah first demo music at the age of 6 yadda yadda... Commodore 64 blah zippidoodah zzz hmppf grrr and then the Commodore Amiga... A little proggie unna munna zunna Pro Tracker... Licketysplit hppffrm mzz grumble house and rave music. Meanwhile, farce grr blah blah etc etc Fast Tracker... at the age of 14, first real mod called Blub, a parody of Poing. Not much later hocus pocus pazeebly boo version 2... More professional results yada argwet nice iwejtoi Buzz. Finally mazza bleep yadda hurmpf first release, a drum 'n bass tune on a compilation CD. After a while mumble mumble joke joke bought hardware synthesizers, but alas etc grumble yap yap hmmmz. Yada yada but alas, NOT Cubase nor Logic... What mumble blah blah argh midi? First release of Renoise, meesa moy moy back to business and etc blah joke har har. So, fumble fumble grrzz zhhebang end up the Long Track Project.

Note from the webmaster: erm...yes.... interesting =)
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