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1. All 13 participants must provide a working email address and send their artists information (including handle, name, country, age, gear, connection and max. eMail-Attachmentsize) to .

2. Each member will be given a number of turns of several days to add their contribution. These will be ordered in a first come, first served basis, and rotated in order until the song is at a desired length, which decided by the group.

3. If you are unable to attend your allocated date, you may ask to either be pushed to the back of the queue, or you may swap with someone else, by their permission.

4. Anyone is entitled to contribute to a "final mix" of the finished song after completion of all tracks. The "official" final mix will be decided apon by democratic approval of the group.

5. The title of the song will be decided by democratic approval of the group. You can call your own bits in the 'track listing' whatever you like though.

6. Upon participation you understand and acknowledge the rules and the purpose of the rules. The rules will act as guidelines which you will try to follow. Certain flexibility in the rules is not prohibited, but only allowed in combination with discussion and evaluation of the proposal to make an exception in or change of the rules.

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