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1. When adding to a song, the first composer has to provide a useful documentation-template for anything you may want to have add or change so that the next person knows it's there! A simple textfile do the job. This is called the diary.

Typical comments are along the lines of "Hey, I turned off your reverb on send1!" or "I changed the Filter-Inertia on track 4 to instant", etc.

2. You may add as many effects and/or automations to any audio track as you wish, provided they are Renoise built-in DSP effects. Pay attention to the CPU% though and try to keep it simple.

Experiences show that a complex effect chain results in an inadequate understanding, fear for mistakes and overview of the module. This slows progress. Some solve it by creating new tracks, which decrease the overview in the track scopes, therefore recylcing tracks is encouraged.

3. Whenever you add an effect, add a bypass on command to all previous parts and a bypass off in your part.

Effects that were not in the previous parts originally must only be enabled in your part unless there is good reason to enable it in other places. Discuss this with the others.

4. Make sure your part starts and ends with the correct settings. If you don’t change settings, you can copy the settings on the last pattern of the previous part and paste them into your last pattern. Don’t forget the buttons on effects; you’ll have to find out the code yourself since a rightclick won’t show it.

Doing so will keep consistency in the module.

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