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5. You may add as many "send tracks" to each track as you like. You can add as many effects as you like to each send track.

6 You may not add any effects to the master track until the time of final mix.

This will preserve CPU%.

7. You may not use any VSTfx, VST-Instruments or MIDI.

8. Each pattern has the maximum number of rows (512). This way we ensure we have enough patterns to finish the song. You are not allowed to do double entries. Every pattern must be unique so you have to copy every pattern instead.

Patterns of 64 and 128 rows are too short and will waste too much patterns to reach the end of the 2nd turn.

There is a maximum of FE (255) pattern positions and FF (256) patterns. Because there are less pattern posistions than there are patterns, duplicating a pattern is better than entering a pattern number more than once. It will not be more efficient for the duration of the song if you enter a pattern number more than once, instead of duplicating it.

This has two benefits. First, you will be able to make changes in a duplicate pattern in a later stadium. Second, when the pattern position does not equal the pattern number next to it, it will indicate that at some point a pattern is sequenced more than once. It is very easy to hit a pattern number instead of an arrow button, and clicking a pattern number will change its value.

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