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9. Sort the patterns to keep a good overview and to avoid confused composers. You can easily do this by hitting the "Sort"-Button in the Sequencer.

When the pattern position does not equal the pattern number next to it, it will indicate that at some point a pattern is sequenced more than once. . It is very easy to hit a pattern number instead of an arrow button, and clicking a pattern number will change its value.

10. You may make minor edits to the last pattern of the last participant's entry for the purpose of blending the music into your own parts. By"minor edit", this doesn't mean you can completely ruin someone's tune! Show some respect!

However, there should be enough flexibilty to make a smooth transistion. Continuing the last part’s style for at least a while is encouraged. No transistions will mean a listener can download a few mods, put them in a playlist and get the same result. An important aspect of this project is learning how to co-operate and working together towards one long song.

11. Each part has a maximum duration of 5 minutes.

Making a one hour song alone is easy. It is part of the challenge to do it together. Short parts means more people are influencing the song, so it is important to work well-organized to keep a smooth workflow.

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